For whom

With decades of experience in investment guidance, we have considerable knowledge of the various real estate segments. Whether we are handling a disposition for a housing association, a healthcare institution or a private or institutional investor, ABC Capital knows the market and current legislation and regulations.

Institutional and private investors

We specialise in residential investments, so we know which parties to approach to sell your real estate, and where you can find investment opportunities in the market. Our knowledge, experience and network mean the highest possible returns for you.

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Dealing with transactions for new-build developments every day means we know which investors will be interested in your project. We can also use our knowledge and experience to advise you on the most suitable and profitable housing programme.

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Housing associations

Based on our decades of experience in acquisition and disposition processes for housing associations, we have detailed and comprehensive understanding of the relevant legislation and the regulations. Our methods therefore guarantee the best possible safeguard against any risks.

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Healthcare institutions

We offer healthcare institutions a full-service solution for sale and leaseback constructions, the sale of existing real estate and the search for new healthcare premises. Thanks to our knowledge of current legislation, we can adapt our sales process to the legal requirements, avoiding potentially unpleasant surprises for the parties involved.

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