Integrity and compliance

The public interests in the real estate sector demand a high level of integrity and a robust policy on compliance. An important part of that policy is having measures in place to monitor and control the handling of real estate sales.

Safeguarding ethical business operations

We ensure that integrity is always guaranteed during a sales process. That guarantee includes an integrity statement as part of the participation conditions and the careful screening of market parties. In recent decades, we have become experienced in screening market parties whilst guiding transactions. Moreover, we apply the IVBN’s (Association of institutional real estate investors in the Netherlands) code of conduct or that of Vastgoed Belang (Association of private real estate investors’) in disposition processes to ensure careful handling of the tenants’ interests.


ABC Capital has also drawn up clear rules of conduct for our staff to ensure ethical procedures and business operations. We are also members of the Netherlands Compliance Institute and have an external compliance officer to monitor the processes and ensure that we follow the rules of conduct. The compliance officer not only monitors the sales process, they also coach ABC Capital’s in matters involving compliance.

To achieve even more transparency, Vincent Walland has joined the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). RICS is internationally renowned as a prestigious member association for real estate professionals, guaranteeing professional dealings and integrity for both private persons and companies and drawing up clear principles for ethical behaviour (i.e. a code of conduct) and professional standards (rules of conduct). Mr Walland has also become a member of Stichting VastgoedCert, a platform covering the entire industry, which arranges the certification and registration of real estate agents based on their professional skills. The platform also has its own committee for handling complaints and disputes.