New-build advice and guidance

When it comes to new-build developments, ABC Capital’s services are not limited to merely guiding the buying or selling process. We like to apply our knowledge and experience at an early stage of the project, working with the client to create a future-proof housing programme and an attractive investment product.

Let our experience boost the value of your project

Rental housing must differ from owner-occupied homes in several aspects to present it as an appealing investment product. We like to contribute ideas and advice to the programme and the layout of the dwellings. The challenge here is to achieve a future-proof housing programme that yields very profitable returns. With our long experience in guiding acquisition and disposition processes, we know exactly what residential investors are looking for. We use our creative vision to find solutions or adjustments that will boost the value of your proposition.

Moreover, we have an extensive network of private and institutional investors looking for new-build houses and developers in search of investors. We are experts in presenting new-build projects to suitable investors in exactly the right way to pique their interest and in finding the perfect new-build development for investors. We also do a lot of work for housing associations, enabling us to find the right investor for social housing within the project too.


A selection of the new-build transactions conducted under our guidance

More references

Het Platform, Utrecht

200 new-build apartments and a commercial unit

Punt Sniep, Diemen

202 new-build homes

Apartment complex in Purmerend

74 houses and 85 parking spaces

drs. Harmen de Raad

Senior vastgoedadviseur